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Binge eating is a reality. There are MANY videos on it.

Lungs are important for health… and bicycling.

I still have mine.

stage 1 to 4 of mesotheliomaThe concept and idea of human health and its meaning and implementation must be extremely important in any society. Access to health is an inalienable right of the human being and its violation should be, in practice, strongly repudiated and punished.

The health of the population makes in its essence, to the ethics, the quality of life, the degree of development and the viability of that population.

The state of individual and collective health in a schnell abnehmen facebooksociety profoundly and inevitably conditions its intellectual, economic, productive and social development.

Historically and classically, health was defined as the absence of schnell abnehmen tumblrdisease in the “body”. In practice, even today for certain social sectors, this criterion, unfortunately, lasts.

The modern idea of fett weg faktor facebookgood health arises from the intricate conception of the human being as a psycho-physical and social entity,

and is represented by the state in which the human being performs all his functions, within these areas, with normality.

Health is qualified from the integral state of the como perder peso facebookbody, mind, relationships with others and the organized community and with the environment in its broadest sense.

Functional imbalance in one or more of these relationships, in fett weg faktor buch kostenlostheir intensity and persistence, causes deterioration of health to varying degrees and always leads to individual and collective (disease) consequences.

The state of health is an important indicator of como bajar de peso facebookthe level of satisfaction of basic needs, represented by the state / quality of: food, medical coverage, housing, work, education and the environment. The inability to access basic needs is synonymous with deterioration of health and forecast of danger and damage.

schnell abnehmen tippsIt follows that the organized community must, in an unavoidable and undelegable way, generate the mechanisms through which the possibilities of access to health for every human being are provided. society and at Paris perdre poids facebookdifferent scales (neighborhood, regional, national and international), establishes a strong bond with its environment and causes in it negative impacts of different magnitude, whose incidence in the health acquires diverse forms and consequences.

In this way environmental pathologies, defined as those diseases caused by external agents, are generated by the environmental modifications produced by man through his socioeconomic models. these modifications, perhaps the most fett weg faktor charles livingstonconspicuous, is the contamination in all its forms and its polluting agents of biological, chemical and physical nature.

As a general reference of this type of diseases we must mention:

– Diseases of the respiratory system caused by gases and particles contaminating the air.

dieta venus– Gastrointestinal pathologies, especially in childhood, linked to the chemical and biological contamination of water.

– Poisoning caused by consumption of contaminated food.

– The increase of certain types of tumors due to the increase of UV radiation and other types of radiations and chemicals released to the environment.

Many of the pollution processes contribute to larger scale modifications, such as global climate change, which alters regional climatic conditions by contributing to the reappearance, intensification and diffusion of vector pests of infectious agents.

The effects of the pollutants on health generate pictures of different severity, including: acute diseases, death, chronic and / or disabling diseases, congenital diseases, temporary illnesses and permanent and / or transient behavioral and / or emotional changes. of these pathologies have a high incidence in the poor sectors of society and constitute the diseases of poverty, which in itself constitutes a disease because it disables the individual, preventing him from accessing basic needs and social integration.fett weg faktor dr charles

But to a greater or lesser extent, all social sectors are exposed directly or indirectly to environmental pollutants and their effects. They also have a high impact on more vulnerable groups that constitute high risk groups (greater susceptibility) and which include: infants, children, the elderly, pregnant women, malnourished and / or physically debilitated individuals.

abnehmen informationThe degradation of the natural areas and green spaces undermines the relationship that the human being needs and should have with them, to satisfy primary mental, spiritual and emotional needs that allow him to recover his sense of belonging to the natural world and its becoming. In this sense, large cities, their urban fwf buch dr charlesand suburban landscapes and skylines resulting from complex deforming socioeconomic processes, are areas where the natural environment is absent or highly degraded and processes are developed.

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